Friday, September 15, 2017

2nd Day of School

It's only our second day of school and we are doing an amazing job at listening already.  

We talked about the name of our school and sang our school song.  I love that they are trying to sing along already. :)  Here's how it goes:

Climb up Sunshine Mountain
Climb, climb up Sunshine Mountain
friendly breezes blow.
Climb, climb up Sunshine Mountain
children learn to grow.
Smile, smile it's great to be here
new things we will try.
Climb, climb up Sunshine Mountain
you and I. 

We worked in our Rainbow Room again. Before we went in there, we sang our Rainbow Song.  

All the colors of the rainbow are so beautiful to me. 
All the colors of the rainbow are smiling down at me. 
There's red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
There's red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

Our children are working on what letter their name starts with.  Ask your child what their name starts with.  This can be a fun game where you can talk about what other words start with the letter of their first name. We also got to put stickers on them.  This was a great activity for fine motor practice. 
 Working hard on their carpet mats. 

 Mrs. Fleischmann giving lessons on our equipment. See aren't they great listeners?! 
 Each child has their own work box.  They find their name and put their work in it so they can take it home on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
 We love using scissors.  We are working on how to hold scissors properly and trying to cut on a line. If you don't have a pair of child scissors at home, you should get a pair. Your child would love to cut out coupons from the paper or cut out different shapes and have you guess what shape it is. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

1st Day of School 2017-2018

We're back!!
 The teachers are so excited to see our returning students along with our new students.  Our blog is a great way to see what's happening at school. We try hard to take pictures each day. However, sometimes we are having so much fun that we forget to take pictures.  

We each got to find a spot on our carpet for our opening (ask your child which letter or shape they chose). The students did a good time sitting in their spot and listening to directions. 

Here are a few pictures from the first day of school.
The children had a good time working at the easel.  
This friend was making a colorful moon.  :)
This little guy wanted to write his sister's name.  
Making a colorful rainbow circle.
This group seems to enjoy coloring.
Working on our carpet mats.  Ask your child how many hands they have to carry their carpet mats with.'s two.  They have to stretch their arms out wide when they pick them up.
 Building strong finger muscles.
The children loved beading.
Spooning fun and matching colors.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hard at Work

The kids have been working so hard this spring.  I love having the parents see some of the things that we are up to at Sunshine Mountain.  The kids are very busy with our equipment.  

Here are some friends that are matching.  It's amazing how they are even able to match the words.  If they do a matching, they get a stamp.  They are highly motivated by the stamps.  :)

This little boy is matching color words.

Arctic animals that live in the water and on land

Ring sizes

Sandpaper numbers with chips

Many different ways to work on their small motor skills.  

This little girl is using tongs to put color bears in the right color cup.

Here she is sewing! :) 

Learning about color mixing
Here is a little boy mixing blue and yellow to make green.  They used eye droppers to pick up the water.  Another way to use their fine motor skills.

 She is really concentrating!

Sponging-they love working with water

Making an April calendar

Tracing our first letter of our name
Reading with our friends

Art time-cutting and glueing our stop signs
Red means Stop!
Green means Go!
Yellow means better go slow!

Expanding on our number cubes by making our own number book

Dr. Seuss Day
We painted Cat in the Hat hats at the easel.

Read and made a Red Fish, Blue Fish art project

YUMMY!! Yes, we liked green eggs and ham!

Easter fun
Working on our cutting

Color matching with our bunny tongs