Friday, September 28, 2012

Hard at work

The kids are doing a great job adjusting to our routine! 
Here we are waiting for our friends.
Parents pull up and we get the kids out of the car!  I love when they are so excited and jump right out! 

 During orientation, we are learning how to wash our hands in our handwashing bowls. 
 The kids are going crazy with mirror polishing!  They love it!
Here is a little boy mirror polishing!  First they have to put an apron on, squirt polish into a small glass container and spread it on with a small polish cloth.
Wiping mirror with polish
Here is a little girl polishing the mirror too!  Everyone took the mirror polishing out this week.
 Here she is wiping the polish off with her big polish cloth.
We are so proud!
We learned how to work at the Cutting & Pasting table.  First we put an apron on and then we get to cut out a shape and glue it in the right spot before we color the picture.  We start with a triangle shape since it is straight cutting. 
We are doing a lot of practice with scissors!  Here we are snipping! 
During the month of September we worked on learning the shape, circle; the kids had an opportunity to glue and draw circles in a big circle. 
 We took the Number Insets out.  This little boy is working with 1-5. 
Here is a little boy that is tracing his name.  He worked with the hole punch.  When the children are finished with any kind of paperwork, we always encourage them to write their name on it before they put it in their workbox.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Continue from 1st week of school

We are getting ready for handwashing and pouring water.  It amazes me how well the kids are doing already.  They are wonderful listeners and so eager to learn!  :)
At Sunshine Mountain we use sign language as much as we can, ask your child what the sign for rainbow is.  Here we are signing, "Please."
Here we are singing, "I'm a little teapot" before we showed the kids how to pour.
After practicing sponging, this little girl is cleaning up.  The kids take such pride in doing their work.
The kids really enjoy matching.  After they show the teacher their matching, they get a sticker on the back of their name card.  They love getting those stickers! 
Here is Mrs. Betko talking to one of our students about her vegetable matching. 
This little boy was "reading" the word and matching it to the word with the picture.
We work a lot on building strong hand muscles! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy 1st week of school

We are so excited to start the school year!!  The kids are doing a great job getting adjusted to Sunshine Mountain!  A big thank you to our parents for setting such a positive attitude towards school.  It really shows with the kids, they are so eager to learn.  Our orientation days are going wonderfully.  It really helps having half the class for an hour and 15 minutes.  Here are a few things we worked on this week.
When we work on the floor, we always use a carpet mat.  The kids learned how to stretch their arms as far as they could, bend down and carry their carpet mat to a spot on the rug and gently set it down.
We practiced walking around the carpet mats.
Mrs. Betko gave a lesson on stringing beads.
Here is one of our friends working with the beads.  She has grouped them into colors and is now stringing them. 
 Here we are working on stacking cups.  At home we might get to knock them over but at school we take them down carefully!  :)

Here we are on the first day working hard!

We had a great first day!  It went by fast and we can't wait for the next time we are together!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Working on letters

The kids LOVE working one-on-one with the teachers. This little girl is working on big (capital) and little (lowercase) letter B.

We have been working hard on writing our name.

Collages-Art Area

Art area: the kids worked hard on making collages! This was a fun project where they got to make it any way they wanted.
< Hard at work! :)

Kids at work

Working on our cutting!
< Making chains

Art time: spiders! We got to marble paint our spider web, cut out our oval body and glue on eight legs!
< Making bubbles!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Orange juice & Fruit

We made our own healthy orange juice!  Each child got a half of an orange in a baggie.  The kids got to squeeze theirs until they made orange juice.  We added a straw and enjoyed our fresh squeezed orange juice.

The kids are doing great using scissors.  They worked hard on making their apples.
We counted apples!
We matched fruit!