Monday, December 5, 2016

Around the World

We cannot believe how fast December is going already!  We were extremely busy last week preparing for Christmas!  One of the important things we learned about was the nativity story.  We read a story about Jesus' birth and went on a scavenger hunt. Ask your child who they found with their clue.  After we found them all, we put the nativity out for the children to retell the story.

We also put a nativity scene in the apple tree room where they could retell the story to their friends.
We learned that there are 7 continents in the world.  Here's the song and craft we did.
North America
South America
Where is Australia? Here is Australia.
Don't forget Antarctica.
Don't forget Antarctica.

We have new playdough for the month of December.  Ask your child what scent it is.

We are busy decorating our Christmas tree in the classroom.  The kids are making inset ornaments to hang on it. 

Painting at the easel
 Practicing writing our names

Yum!  Applesauce!

Reading about the world

During attendance we looked for the letters of the alphabet.  When it was their turn,we would show and tell them a letter, they would find it and match it up. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pilgrims, Native Americans, Thanksgiving...Oh My!

We learned about the First Thanksgiving this week!  
This story tells the Thanksgiving story at the perfect level for preschoolers.  

We got to pick out Native American Names.  It was fun to hear what they wanted their name to be.  We took attendance by using our Native American names.  

Our class made pumpkin pies for our art project.  You need to give them a smell.  We even put whipped cream on top!

The next day we made real pumpkin pies to get ready for our Thanksgiving party. We followed a recipe and got to help mix the ingredients.  

Since we learned about Native Americans, we made headbands.  
This was a fun way to talk about patterning.

The class decorated our turkey with colorful feathers!  We used lick 'em stickers.  Ask your child how they tasted.  

 Our finished turkey!
The kids had fun retelling the story of the first Thanksgiving.

Number caterpillars

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


What a busy week we had!! 
Here we are trying to find our fruit match.  We played music while the children had to find the friend with the same fruit. Ask your child which fruit they had.   
One of the skills we are working really hard on is cutting.  This is something new for most of the children.  It would be great if you could work on cutting at home.
 The children had to color their apples and snip red paper and glue it on.  

 They loved working with real glue.  We put the glue in milk caps and they use a small paintbrush to "paint" the glue on.  
 Here we are working on our snips.  

A fun apple song we sang.  
Apple (Bingo)
I know a fruit that's good to eat
and apple is it's name-o.
A-P-P-L-E   A-P-P-L-E  A-P-P-L-E
and apple is it's name-o.
Next we replaced each apple with crunch.  

We tasted apples to see which kind we liked the best.

Thanks for bringing in apples.  We loved making and eating our apple crisp.  
 Learning about the life cycle of a butterfly
 What goes together