Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fruit Salad-Yummy, Yummy!!

What a wonderful week! The kids are doing a great job listening during lesson time. 

During calendar time, we sang the days of the week to the Addams family song. Ask your child if they can sing it for you. We also started practicing the months of the year by doing the macarena. We are also incorporating a Question of the Day. Here's Tuesday's question.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we made fruit salad. Each child brought in their favorite fruit. We sang, "Fruit Salad-Yummy, Yummy" while we pretended to cut up our fruit, mix in a bowl, and eat it. Our question of the day on Thursday was, "Do you like orange juice?". Before we asked our question, we made our own orange juice. Each child got a half of an orange in a baggie. They squeezed all the juice out and got to drink it with a straw. They did AMAZING at this. Here they are making orange juice. 
Can you believe they all liked the orange juice?!?  
Here we are eating our fruit salad. 
The children love handwashing. Here's one little girl making sure her bowl is nice and dry. :)
This little boy is taking his time pouring his water. The children get a choice between milk and water. 
Friends having snack together. 
Work time!
Our cutting and pasting this week was an apple. 
We made an orange at our art area.

Friday, October 6, 2017


Fall Fun!  

WOW!  We can't believe that it's already October. We are off to a wonderful start. The kids are so eager and ready to learn.  We continue to work on our manners in the classroom by asking the children to raise their hands, sit in their spots instead of laying down (we don't want anyone to get stepped on), keeping our hands to ourselves and learning not to touch the friends next to them (especially when they don't want to be touched). The last one has been the hardest for us, but we know we can do it!!  Talking at home about good manners at school can be helpful.  :)

We talked about circles this week.  We even sang a song about Cindy Circle. 
Cindy Circle
"tune: Are you sleeping?"
Cindy Circle, Cindy Circle
Just one line, just one line
Make it round, make it round 
That's just fine, that's just fine

We had a whole bunch of shapes on the ground and the children got to come up and pick a shape and decide if it was a circle or not a circle.  
 As you can see, most picked a circle. :) Ask your child which one they picked. 
We read the story, "Mouse Shapes"
After we read the story, we got to roll the dice and see which shape we rolled. 
During work time, we could put together our own shapes and make a picture. 
Can you see Mrs. Porcaro's picture hanging on the wall in the picture?  Do you know what I made?  If not, ask your child and I bet they can tell you.
Here are some of the children making their own shape pictures. 

We heard one of Mrs. Porcaro's favorite fall stories. We talked about what scarecrows are and what they do. 

Product Details
A resourceful chicken seeks the help of her farm animal friends to solve a problem, while giving something of herself along the way. Chicken really admires Scarecrow's hat. Scarecrow would gladly trade his hat for a walking stick to rest his tired arms. Chicken doesn't have a walking stick to trade, but she knows someone who does. Thus begins her quest to find items to trade among her farm friends, all to obtain a walking stick to swap for Scarecrow's hat. 

We made a basket to go along with the story. The kids can take the basket out and retell the story. 
Before we work at the art tables, we must put on an apron and button it up. 

During art, we made fall trees.  
At our cutting and pasting, we had out leaves where we could snip construction paper strips and glue them on a leaf. 

Here we are getting water to wash our hands. 
 Washing our hands!
 Mrs. Betko using rhythm sticks with the kids. They are tapping along with "The ants go marching". 
Work time!  
This child is working hard on folding this napkin. This will help him when he has to fold his papers at the easel to put in his work box. 
Here's a child folding her easel paper to put in her work box. 
Hole punching apples
Working on our numbers
Some of our 4 year olds working on the letter Aa
Color worms
Matching is always fun to do!
Stacking cups biggest to smallest can be hard work. 
We love working on our magnetic boards. We are learning our letters and making words.
Here is one of our 3 years olds. 
Here is one of our 4 year olds. 
We can even use our magnetic boards to learn our numbers.
 Practicing tracing their names
 Dip dotting the first letter of our name
 Beading-helps build finger muscles
Mrs. Betko used the felt board to tell a story. Ask your child what happened during the story?