Tuesday, January 19, 2010


For the next two weeks we will be talking about dinosaurs! The kids LOVE our dinosaur unit; we could probably do it for a whole semester (: I will post more on Friday or this weekend from our dinosaur week. We were so busy on Tuesday that I didn't have much time to take a lot of pictures. We read a really great book today called "Dinosaur Roar!" by Paul and Henrietta Stickland. This is a good rhyming book and we had a lot of fun with it. After we read the story I pointed out the antonyms (opposites) in the story (above/below, weak/strong, fierce/meek, fast/slow, etc) and we got to act out these words. I turned on some gentle music while the children pretended to be dinosaurs and act out the movements. Here are a few of the things they got to act out: fast/slow, roar/squeak, fierce/meek, short/long, spiky/lumpy. The kids learned what an antonym was, learned some new words (meek, fierce) and different meaning (sweet-meaning nice not food ways).

One of the things that I love about our preschool is our different age groups can all enjoy our activities and there is something for each age level. This story is a great example. The 3's were exposed to the opposites of the story and so were the 4's but by exposing them to the word antonyms and explaining what the different words meant both our 3's and 4's could take it to their cognitive level. Most of our older kids (and some younger) could listen for words that rhymed and think of more.

We also learned how to sign "dinosaur". Here are a few of our friends signing! Aren't they adorable? Ask your child how to sign and say dinosaur in spanish. It was a hard one to remember but we'll keep working on it. By the way, it's dinosaurio! (:

Here are a couple of songs we sang too!

Dinosaurs lived long ago
(London Bridge is falling down)

Dinosaurs lived long ago, long ago, long ago,
Dinosaurs lived long ago, That's prehistoric!

Tyrannosaurus was very mean, very mean, very mean,
Tyrannosaurus was very mean, that's prehistoric!

Brontosaurus was very big, very big, very big,
Brontosaurus was very big, that's prehistoric!

Stegosaurus wore heavy spikes, heavy spikes, heavy spikes,
Stegosaurus wore heavy spikes, that's prehistoric!

Triceratops had big sharp horns, big sharp horns, big sharp horns,
Triceratops had big sharp horns, that's prehistoric!

Pterodactyl could fly in the air, fly in the air, fly in the air,
Pterodactyl could fly in the air, that's prehistoric!

All the dinosaurs disappeared, disappeared, disappeared,
All the dinosaurs disappeared, that's why their prehistoric!

The kids were running around singing this but all they could remember was "that's prehistoric!" It was so funny!!

With the next song we had 5 kids be dinosaurs and one was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I'll try to do this song with the kids again so I can get some pictures of them. They had a great time doing this song, especially when the tyrannosaurus rex ate the dinosaurs!

Five little dinosaurs went out to play
Five little dinosaurs went out to play
Out in the land of the lost one day
Tyrannosaurus Rex ate one for a snack
And four little dinosaurs came running back.

Four, Three, Two, One

Zero little dinosaurs went out to play
out in the land of the lost one day
Tyrannosaurus Rex couldn't find anything to eat
So off she went and went to sleep.

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