Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Hat by Jan Brett: Tuesday and Thursday class

On Tuesday we read the story, "The Hat" by Jan Brett. Ask your child about the story, it's a great one!!

Here's what the story is about: "In preparation of cold weather, Lisa takes her winter clothes out of their storage check and hangs them up in the fresh air. A strong wind blows one of her knit socks off the line. A hedgehog sticks his head inside and it becomes stuck on his quills. When a hen, goose, cat, dog, and horse laugh at his appearance, he tries to salvage his dignity by telling each one that his new hat will keep him dry, warm, and cozy throughout the winter. Finally, Lisa finds him and removes her sock, telling him that animals don't wear clothes. But when she goes back to the clothesline, she sees all of the animals wearing her gloves, sweaters, and scarves on their heads."

The kids had a great time with this story! They got to be the different animals and try on the hats (aka Lisa's clothes). I wish I would have gotten a picture of the kids wearing their "hats".

Here's one of the activities we did with the book. I took pictures of each of the kids and they got to cut out the picture of a "hat" that they would like to wear. Here is an example of one of our friends choices. I am going to laminate all of them and make SMP's Hat book. Be sure to ask your child which "hat" they chose.
We also talked about items that were prickly and they guessed what prickly items I had in our Discovery Can. See if they can tell you some of our prickly things. (pineapple, comb, curler, brush, pine tree needles)

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