Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some of our children at work!

I only got a few pictures of the kids today; I forgot to charge my camera and my battery only made it for a little while. Here are some of our children working hard. The children are always very busy and sometimes I don't have my camera on me to take pictures and we are having such a great time that I don't want to stop and get my camera. I do my best getting as many kids as I can!

This boy is working with our knobbed cylinders. He took out all the knobbed cylinders then matched them with the knobless cylinders. This is hard work and he did it all himself. He was so proud!! I love how the kids help each other. Here is one of our students helping another with our fruit matching. First the child has to put the fruit in pairs (in its own square), next the teacher reads a fruit word to the child and they match it with the fruit. In the pictures, I am reading the fruit words and one child is showing the other child where that fruit word goes.

The kids love to snip!! When kids are ready, we take this work a bit further by having them glue their snips onto their name. This is great for fine motor skills. We use real glue and they have to "paint" the snips and put it on the line. Sometimes this will take a couple of class periods because it does take a long time snipping all the paper and gluing it on. There are normally quite a few students working on their name at a time because once the students see one child working on this they want to do it too! (:

Here is one of our kids making a number book. First they stamped a dinosaur the number it said on that page, then they wrote the number on the page. This was done by one of our older students who was ready to do this on her own.

This friend colored a picture and before she put it in her work folder we had her write her name on the back. She is not writing her name by herself yet so I wrote her name in pencil and she traced over it with a fine marker. I think she did a fabulous job (she just turned 3 the end of September)!! We are having all of our students try to write their name this semester. If they aren't ready to do it on their own we've been writing their name in pencil and having them trace it with a thin marker. When the child does some sort of paper work they have been writing their name on it. This gives them lots of practice writing their name without them realizing it.

This little girl was counting and writing her numbers. She knew all the numbers herself but needed help on how to write the numbers. She would tell me the number, I wrote it down and she copied it.

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