Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

We just took out our spice grinding.  This is a new activity and the kids are having a blast with it.  We are grinding nutmegs and the smell is divine.  The kids like the smell as long as they don't take TOO big of a sniff!  (:  I've already had to go back to the store to get more nutmegs.  We are going to try cloves and cinnamon this week.  I hope they work.  The kids love experimenting so they will love to see if this works. 

During the opening, Mrs. B took attendance by having the kids come up and find the letter that the kid's first name started with.  They did awesome!! 
One of the kids pin pricking Africa.  She is making a continent map by pin pricking the continents.  I will post a picture when her map is finished.  Sorry about my shoe in the picture, I've got to remember to move it when I take the picture.  (: 
We are working on the letter G this week.  This little boy wanted to do more with the letter "G" so I let him color a "G, g".  We talked about uppercase letters and lowercase letters.  I explain to him that the uppercase letters belong in the beginning of a name and some words, not in the middle.  We are working with the kids writing their names with only the first letter capitalized.  When you write your child's name with them, please, please, please only have them write the first letter capitalized.  Thank you! 

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