Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day card making station

We set up a birthday card making station when it is someone's birthday.  Here is a picture which shows the card making station.  The kids really like making these so we decided to have a Valentine's Day card station.   I showed the kids how to make a Valentine's card during group time.  They get to chose the color card they would like, they trace Happy Valentine's Day on the front, pick two stickers out, draw a picture on the inside and if they would like glue hearts on it.  After they have made they card they write their name on it, if they can't write their name we trace it and they trace over it.  There is a sample card hanging up if they forget what to do next. 

When the card is finished, they get to give it to someone in the class or put it in their work folder to take 
home.  The kids really enjoy making cards for their friends at school.  This has been a great addition to our writing area. 
 Here is one of our friends making a Valentine's card!!

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