Monday, September 13, 2010

Apple Tree Room

The kids got to work in both the Rainbow Room and Apple Tree today.  It's always exciting to see when the kids get to work in both rooms.  Since we are there for only an hour and 15 minutes, the time goes so fast and the kids are so excited for work time.  We have a special song we sing and sign when it's work time, you might have heard your child singing it.  It goes like this:

Now it's time to do our work,
do our work, do our work.
Now it's time to do our work
so early on a (day of the week).

Some of our friends polished mirrors today.  The children get the mirror polishing basket off of the shelf and bring it to a table.  In their basket is an apron, a mat, polish, container for polish, mirror, a q-tip, and a piece of paper towel.  Here is one of our friends velcroing her apron.  (when I take pictures I don't like to bother them when they are working so I got the back of this friend). 
They lay everything out on their mat, squirt a little bit of polish in their container (this takes great control not to squirt too much) and start cleaning the mirror. 

After they put the polish on their mirror, they wipe off the polish with their paper towel.  The kids are so proud when the mirror gets clean and they show it to the teacher.  This is a favorite! 
We introduced our cutting and pasting table.  We are making an ice cream cone.  The children get to pick up the color cone (which is in the shape of a triangle) they would like and cut it out.  They glue the triangle onto the ice cream cone and color it.  The kids are really enjoying this. 

The kids love snipping!  I love the look of determination on their faces. 

Here are some friends working on the color stick.  This is great fine motor and color recoginition work!  (: 

Here is another boy matching colors and using his pincher grasp and strengthening his finger muscles. 

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