Sunday, September 19, 2010


The kids are learning how to wash their hands.  Sometimes I think the kids pick up the routine of handwashing faster than the adults!  (: 

Here are the steps to washing their hands. 
1.  First the child puts on their apron.
2.  Next they take the white pitcher, fill it with water from the red water bucket and pour it into their bowl. 
3.  The kids dip their hands in the water, clean their hands with the bar of soap and rinse their hands in the bowl.
4.  The kids get a paper towel from the basket, dry their hands and throw the paper towel in the garbage.
                                                       Here is a little girl drying her hands.
5.  Next the child pours the water from the bowl into the bucket. 
Here is one friend pouring her water into the bucket.
6.  The child carries the bucket of water over to the blue "dirty" water bucket and pours it in.
7.  Next the child takes the bucket back to their table and dries the bucket, bowl and table with a towel. 
Here is one child wiping out the bucket.
8.  Last, they will take off their apron and hang it up. 

This can seem like a lengthy and complicated process but the kids pick it up quickly.  It's amazing how quick and neatly they can handwash. 

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