Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The Spider Poem
Spiders are not insects
Spiders have 8 legs
Spiders have four pairs of eyes
Spiders hatch from eggs

Spider webs are sticky
Spiders weave them tight
Spiders spin that silky string
Spiders weave webs right

This was a poem that we said when we talked about spiders!  Ask your child how many legs and eyes spiders have.  They are getting to be spider experts. 

We made our first art project this week.  The kids did great for their first time doing an art lesson. 

We sang the Eensy Weensy Spider together! 

We made our own spider!  Ask your child what they named it.  We took a black garbage bag, filled it with newspaper.  Here are the kids crushing up newspaper to stuff our spider.  I passed out a piece of newspaper to each of the kids and on the count of 5 we got to SMASH it up!

The letter of the week is R.  Each Monday the kids are really good noticing our new letter.  We sang our letter R song. 
R says rrr.
 R says rrr.
Every letter makes a sound. 
 R says rrrr. 

The kids came up with some R words.  Please talk to your child and try to come up with R words with them. 
We read "The Very Busy Spider" by Eric Carle. 
The Very Busy Spider (Board Book)
We had a great worktime!
As you can see we had a WONDERFUL day!! 

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