Monday, October 4, 2010


Today we started our unit on bugs/insects. 

We learned that insects have 6 legs, a body with 3 sections:  head, thorax and abdomen. 

We went on a "Bug Hunt".

We're going on a bug hunt
We're going on a bug hunt!
We're going to catch some big ones!
What a sunny day!
Are you ready?  Ok

Oh my!  A bee
A black & yellow bee
flying over the flowers!


Oh my!  An Ant!
A tiny, black ant
crawling through the grass


Oh my!  A grasshopper
A big green grasshopper
hopping around the tree
Boing, boing...


Oh my!  A butterfly!
A pretty orange butterfly
floating in the sky
Whoosh, whoosh......


Oh my!  A Spider!
A big black spider
creeping on a tree
Creep, creep......

 We talked about how many legs, arms, eyes, mouth we have and how many insects have.

Here's a song we did!
Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen x2
Eyes & mouth
antennas too
Six legs and that's an inssect for you! 

The kids really liked this song!  You might hear them singing it around the house. 

We were really busy today so I didn't get to many pictures but here we are at work!

Here's one little boy working with our fly tweezers.
Friends helping friends! 
Washing her hands with soap at the handwashing bowl
Getting water out of our water bucket to wash his hands

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