Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall work

We have out some fall & Thanksgiving work!

Here is one of our friends working on our colorful turkey!  They get to lay out the feathers how they want and decorate the feathers with buttons.
This little girl is building her finger muscles and matching the different fall pom pons in each leaf container. 

The kids love working on "paper work".  Here are some friends making a turkey.  Instead of just having the kids color the turkey, we have them snip construction paper and glue the snips on the feathers.  Great for practicing scissor skills!
We made turkey puzzles too!  Some of the kids wanted to glue theirs together but others wanted to take it home so their older siblings could try!  (:
Here's a game we have that two friends can play.  This is a great way to learn their numbers and how to take turns. 

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