Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We read a great book a couple weeks ago!  Sorry I am just getting around to writing about it!  We read, "Popcorn" by Frank Asch. 
This is a cute story about a young bear named Sam who is left alone in the house on Halloween when his parents go out to a party. Sam decides to throw a party of his own, and he dresses up in a costume and invites all of his bear friends over. Each friend has individually come up with the idea to bring a package of popcorn, and after having some fun at the party, someone gets the idea to pop all of the popcorn together in a big black kettle. The popcorn soon fills the house, and the young bears spend the rest of the night eating popcorn in order to fix the problem. After Sam cleans up, his parents return home with a gift for him-popcorn.

We danced to a great song by Greg and Steve called, "Popcorn".  It's a great song!  Look it up!!  You won't be sorry!  (:  Go Mrs. B!!! 
 We decided to have our own popcorn party and see if we could fill the room! The kids were so excited when the popcorn was coming out! They thought the popcorn would fill the room for sure!! (:
Even though the popcorn didn't fill the room, they still enjoyed it!!!  Even without butter!!  (: 

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