Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Pie Feast

We made pumpkin pies for our Thanskgiving Pie Feast!  The kids were great helpers! 

First, Mrs. Betko showed them all the ingredients!  You can't see it very well but she is showing them the can of evaporated milk.
We use the recipe from Grandma Boots!! 
The kids got to help mix the pie ingredients together.
The kids really enjoyed eating the pumpkin pie they made.

We made Thanksgiving bracelets at the end of the day.  This was a great way to remember the story of Thanksgiving!  Here is what we sent home with the bracelet.

Thanksgiving bracelet

The beads are strung according to the story.

-First brown bead represents the Pilgrims leaving England for religious freedom
-Next white bead represents the sails on the Mayflower
-3 blue beads for the long trip over the ocean
-1 green bead for when they saw land
-3 white for the snow during that long winter
-1 green for the arrival of spring
-1 tan for the Native Americans who helped the Pilgrims
-4 beads for the food the Pilgrims served on Thanksgiving
          -1 red for the cranberries
          -1 yellow for the corn
          -1 brown for the turkey
          -1 orange for the pumpkin

This is a fun way to discuss the first Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

We also had some great Thanksgiving items at our discovery table.

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