Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snowballs by Lois Ehlert

Welcome back!!  Our unit for this week is Winter.  Here is some of the activities we are doing.

We read the book, "Snowballs" by Lois Ehlert.  This is an adorable book!  Snowballs is told in the words of a child who, along with the rest of the family, has "been waiting for a really big snow, saving good stuff in a sack." The good stuff includes corn, bird seed, and nuts for the birds and squirrels to eat off of the snow creatures; hats, scarves, bottle caps, plastic forks, buttons, fall leaves, a man's tie, and a lot of other things. The photo collages feature fabric circles as snowballs that are transformed when stacked and decked out with features and accessories.
Cover Art of the children's picture book Snowballs by Lois Ehlert
On Monday, the kids got to sponge paint a big snowman.  We asked the kids to bring different items to make a snowperson.  (Thanks parents, we had some great items).  On Wednesday, the kids worked together to "build" our snowperson. 
Thanks to our wonderful parents who brought in fun items for our snowperson.
 Isn't it looking great? 
The kids really enjoyed making our snowperson. 

In the story, "Snowballs", it asks "Do birds know when it is winter?"  We talked about what birds eat during the winter and where they get their food.  Here is our bird feeder work.  The kids get to string cheerios on a pipe cleaner to make their own bird feeder to bring home.  
The kids worked hard at the art tables this week.  They got to use their creative expression to make a snowman.  They cut out three circles and we put out scrap paper for them to use.  They made a snowman anyway they wanted.  It is great to see the different stages the kids are at and how different each snowman is. 

Here are a couple of sample snowmen.
 Here are some of our friends making their snowman.
Here is a girl working on our new snowflake pattern stamping. 
 Here is another working with the pattern stamping
Here is a boy playing with our snowman stacker.
Snowflake punching
Here is our reading igloo! 

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