Sunday, February 20, 2011

Work time-going off to kindergarten

All of the kids have come a long way since the beginning of the year!  There is always something to challenge the kids!  My going off to kindergarteners are so eager and ready for anything!!  (: 

Here is a little boy working on addition! 

Here is a little boy working on spelling! 
Pin pushing continents
Next step:  making a continent map
Matching continents and animals that live in the continents
Another friend working on her math.  Here is how this piece of equipment works.  The child looks at the equation and puts the first number of stones in the first black container and does the same with the second number.  They dump the two black containers into the white container and counts them up and writes the answer.  It's really cool when they start figuring out the equations without using the stones. 
Here is another way we work on math equations.  I love how the kids are learning what an equation, addition and sums are.

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