Sunday, September 23, 2012

Continue from 1st week of school

We are getting ready for handwashing and pouring water.  It amazes me how well the kids are doing already.  They are wonderful listeners and so eager to learn!  :)
At Sunshine Mountain we use sign language as much as we can, ask your child what the sign for rainbow is.  Here we are signing, "Please."
Here we are singing, "I'm a little teapot" before we showed the kids how to pour.
After practicing sponging, this little girl is cleaning up.  The kids take such pride in doing their work.
The kids really enjoy matching.  After they show the teacher their matching, they get a sticker on the back of their name card.  They love getting those stickers! 
Here is Mrs. Betko talking to one of our students about her vegetable matching. 
This little boy was "reading" the word and matching it to the word with the picture.
We work a lot on building strong hand muscles! 

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