Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pilgrims, Native Americans, Thanksgiving...Oh My!

We learned about the First Thanksgiving this week!  
This story tells the Thanksgiving story at the perfect level for preschoolers.  

We got to pick out Native American Names.  It was fun to hear what they wanted their name to be.  We took attendance by using our Native American names.  

Our class made pumpkin pies for our art project.  You need to give them a smell.  We even put whipped cream on top!

The next day we made real pumpkin pies to get ready for our Thanksgiving party. We followed a recipe and got to help mix the ingredients.  

Since we learned about Native Americans, we made headbands.  
This was a fun way to talk about patterning.

The class decorated our turkey with colorful feathers!  We used lick 'em stickers.  Ask your child how they tasted.  

 Our finished turkey!
The kids had fun retelling the story of the first Thanksgiving.

Number caterpillars

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