Friday, January 29, 2010

Busy, busy week

The kids are always busy! They are so eager to work and I LOVE it!!

Here is our new heart dropper work! We have a jar filled with colored water and the child has to use the dropper to fill the hearts up. They can fill as many as they want but when they are finished they have to unfill them the same way. If they spill they have a sponge to wipe up the drips. Great hand-eye coordination and pincer grasp. We always doing work to build their finger muscles for writing! I love how some of the kids are watching.
Kids busy at work! (:
I love our handwashing and snack area!! Here are some of our friends washing their hands, getting ready for snack and having snack.

One of our little girls washing her hands! When the children have snack, they wear a snack apron. They have to button their own apron or at least try. One of the things I love about our multi-age program is the cooperation that goes on. Sometimes some of the younger kids can't button their aprons yet and the older ones help them button. This builds great self-esteem and really gets the younger ones to want to button on their own. The kids get to chose if they want milk or water. Here is a little boy pouring his own milk.

Here is a little girl that is finished with snack and hanging up her snack apron.
For our art project this week we made fossils of dinosaurs. Each of the kids got a ball of sandy playdough and they got to roll it out and experiment making fossils from different dinosaurs. We put a magnifying glass out at each spot for the kids to see all the ribs and fine detail of the dinosaurs. The kids will get to take their fossil home after they dry (we might keep these for Open House). Your child might not be bringing much home right now because we are saving their work for Open House.

The childcare room across the hall let us use their sand container and the kids had a blast digging for dinosaur bones. We talked about being careful with the sand and the kids did a great job keeping the sand in the container. Great cooperation too!
We painted at the easel this week. We let the kids free paint where they could draw anything they wanted or could just fill the page with paint (: The kids are doing a great job getting their papers on the easel by themselves, this is great for their hand strength and hand-eye coordination.

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