Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here are some of the things we worked on this week!

Our parents are wonderful for bringing playdough each month. At the beginning of the year we asked parents to sign-up to bring playdough and they have been wonderful about it. This month we had white playdough with blue glitter (thanks Julie) and the kids are making snowmen with it. We put pony beads out to make eyes and buttons and the kids love to play playdough!!

This friend made hearts and decorated them.
We love to paint at the easel! Sometimes we have free painting and sometimes we ask the children to draw something specific. This week we made snowmen by painting three circles with white and used black paint to draw the face, hat and buttons. Each one is so individual and based on their ability! It's fun to see how each one is made.

The kids love to use the magnetic board and make pictures and tell us their story. This little girl had a great story about the boy and girl who were playing by the tree when a bird came along. I love to sit and listen to their stories. Here are some of our friends washing their hands for snack! They are so independent and I LOVE IT!!
Our classes made peppermint ice cream. Ask your child about it! We read the recipe, measured the ingredients, we smelled the ingredients and waited for our delicious ice cream!
We made penguins out of toilet paper tubes and used them to work on positional words. We put our penguins behind us, on top of our heads, in front of us, etc. Here is one of our friends that had her penguin "on top of" her foot.
We danced to "Oh What a Miracle" by Hap Palmer.

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