Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beginning of our day and egg drop

After we get the kids out of the car in the morning, they take off their own coats, zip them up and hang them up on our coat rack.  This builds independence and self-confidence.  The kids are so proud of themselves and most of them can zip their coats by the end of the year. 

We are working on Nursery Rhymes this week.  We made a Humpty Dumpty for our Nursery Rhyme book for art.  Before I gave the art lesson, we recited Humpty Dumpty, learned the sign for egg (ask your child) and fell off the wall.  We made our own Humpty Dumpty out of an egg (with a face and all) and it fell off the wall onto the floor.  The children's faces were priceless.  They didn't know what to say when the egg fell.  We tried to figure out ways we could put him together again.  The kids came up with some great answers, they really wanted to tape him together.  We tried to tape him together (: but after another fall he was beyond repair! 
Here are some of the kids working on their Humpty Dumptys.

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