Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The kids LOVE working on insets.  Insets are a set of metal shapes and matching shape frames. Each shape fits snugly within its frame, and the shape and the frame are different colors.  Insets are used for refining coordination to help with handwriting, and to introduce colors, artistic design, geometric shapes and the idea of symmetry.

First the child gets a tray, picks the shape they want, colored pencils and paper.

Then they trace around the shape using the inside of the frame as a guide, using any color pencil that they like.   
Here is one of the kids making a shape book using the insets.  After she made an inset, she had to use our shape book and find the shape she made and write the name of the shape.  Some of the kids are just making insets and some are making shape books.  This is one of the nice things about our program.  Every piece of equipment can be expanded. 

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