Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy, busy workers!

We just finished up learning about the letter "T".  At our discovery table we put out a big piece of paper and a basket with different letters in it.  The kids had to find the letter "T, t" and glue it on our paper. 
One of our friends working with the fruit matching.
We introduced magnetic/non magnetic work this week.  The kids are having a blast finding out what is magnetic and what isn't.  We talked about metal and things that are made of metal.  Here are some friends working with it.  The kids have to use our magnetic and put it in the correct bowl.  One of the bowls has a black yes with a smile in it and one has a red no with a frown. 

I love when the kids work together and share! 
One of our friends working with the heart dropper. 
Chopstick Sorting
Here is one of the kids making a picture in a heart, our shape of the month. 
Numbers:  The kids get to pick a bag with the numbers 1-10 (right now we have hearts but we've had snowflakes) in it.  Once they open the bag they put the numbers in order.  Some of the kids use the number key as a guide.  After they put them in order they get to glue them on the blue rectangle.  Didn't she do a great job and she was so proud of it?  Can't you tell? (: 

They are awesome at washing their hands! 

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