Wednesday, February 17, 2010

President's Day

The kids might have told you but just in case they didn't Mrs. S is on vacation and will be back on Friday. 

We celebrated President's Day on Monday and we had a great time doing it!! 

The kids waved their flags while marching to "This land is your land"

Here are the songs we sang:

Do you know?
(Mary had a little lamb)

Do you know who's on the penny?
On the penny?  On the penny?
Do you know who's on the penny?
Abraham Lincoln.

Do you know who's on the quarter?
On the quarter?  On the quarter?
Do you know who's on the quarter?
George Washington.

George Washington
(Yankee Doodle)

Washington was a great man,
The father of our country,
He led in war, he led in peace,
The father of our country.

Many stories, they were told,
Many tales abound,
Of this great man who led our land,
The father of our country.

Mr. Lincoln
(If you're happy and you know it)

Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Lincoln,
You were brave.
Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Lincoln,
You were good.
You served our country well,
Your praises we will tell,
Mr. Lincoln, you were brave,
you were good!

We made Lincoln's log cabin for our art lesson on Monday.  I didn't get a finished log cabin picture so I'll put one up later in the week.  Sorry! 
We just brought out money matching.  The kids love it!!  We start with all the money mixed together in the red container (there are pennies, nickels and quarters) and they sort them into the white containers.   
After this boy sorted the money, he wanted to count how many were in each container. 
We sang our "Do you know?" song, we put pennies and quarters in the middle of the circle and called each child to pick either a penny or quarter.  After they found the right one, they got to drop it into our money bucket.
We brought out the lincoln logs and the kids had a great time building Abraham Lincoln's log cabin. 

We had a great President's Day!!

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