Friday, February 5, 2010

Geometric Solids

We brought out the geometric solids and the kids really enjoy working with them.  Mrs. B gave a lesson on how to use them.  She showed each of the solids, what their names are and we talked about the shapes.  You might hear your child talking about the different geometric solids and things that are the same shape.  Here are the 10 geometric solids we have:  cube, cylinder, cone, rectangular prism, triangular prism, square-based pyramid, triangle-based pyramid, sphere, ovoid and ellipsoid .  When Mrs. B was talking about the rectangular prism, one of the kids said that it looked just like a tissue box!  I can't believe how much kids can learn when you just give them a chance!!  This is another reason I love our program so much!!  We try our best to expose the kids to as much as we can.  This is a great example of that and another activity that can be expanded for the older children.

What are geometric solids?  The Geometric Solids are a set of bright blue geometric shapes.  Students learn the words for these shapes and  allow them to explore things in their daily lives which also have those shapes.

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