Friday, February 5, 2010

Some children at work!

The kids are always busy!  Here is some of the work they did this week! 

More Humpty Dumptys!
We brought out the tinker toys.  Most of the kids had never heard of tinker toys so it was fun for the kids to play with them.
Here is one of our spooning activities.
Pin punching!  The kids have been working hard on their pin punching work.  Some of the kids are punching out different shapes and some are working on continent shapes. 
What is pin punching? 
The kids use a push pin or special tool (like the one the girl is using) and they punch out the shape using the pin.  This takes lots of hard work but it is so rewarding for the child.  The kids love doing pin punching and ask to do it often.  This girl is punching out South America.  After she is done punching out the different continents she will make a World map of them.  The kids are so careful when they do this.
The kids get to use tweezers to pick up colored beads and place them on the mat.  Some kids put all one color on, some make patterns and some put them all on.  (:
One of our girls is working on our Care Bear number matching.  We have a 6-10 Care Bear number matching also.

The kids really liked the Humpty Dumpty cutting and pasting this week!  As you can see in the picture they get to pick a Humpty Dumpty, cut out the egg, glue in on and color it. 
In the upper right hand corner is our scrap bowl, this is where to kids throw their paper scraps away.  When the kids are working on a project that has paper scraps we always have a scrap bowl for them to throw their paper in.  It keeps them more focused when they don't have to keep getting up to throw their garbage away or have it laying all over the table.    
I love how much concentration the kids have working on their sewing.  We put sewing out and the kids are loving it.  We cut plastic canvas into square pieces (the pieces have different shapes on drawn on) and the kids get to sew using plastic lanyard string.  Another favorite! 
Beads on a rod

The kids love the heart dropper! 
Some of our friends worked on their shapes.  They got to use heart stickers to follow the dotted lines on their shape.  This is great hand-eye coordination and was difficult for some but they tried their best! 
One of our friends writing his name (or at least trying to) on his letter T.  We've been having everyone try to write their name on the work they do.  If they aren't ready to write it on their own, we write it in pencil and they try to trace it. 

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