Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letter sounds

When the children know their letters, we start working on their letter sounds.  Here is one of our kids working on the letter R.  First we have them trace the letter and say rrr. Sorry, I don't have a picture of him doing this.  Sometimes it's hard to get my camera out when we are in the middle of a lesson. 

After they practice tracing the letter a few times and saying the letter sound, they get to write the letter in the cornmeal while saying the letter sound. 
Once they are done with that they get to "read" us the letter book.  Here is the rrrabbit page. 
After reading the "R" book, this little boy was done so instead of pushing him to do more of the "R" work, we let him be done.  We know he will come back soon and want to do more.  (:
After they have been given a lesson on this, they will take out the letters that they know by themself and work on this.  We go through this process with each letter, the teacher will go through this process with the child for each letter.  

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