Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The kids love our practical life!  Here is our sponging that we have on the shelf.  First the child will fill their water with the glass pitcher from the water bucket for handwashing.  Next they get to fill the number one bowl with the water.
Once the bowl is full, they get to fill the sponge up and squeeze the water from bowl 1 to bowl 2. 
Here the little girl is sponging the water from bowl 2 to bowl 1. 
When they are finished, they get the blue clean-up basket, pour the water into the blue bucket and dump it into the dirty water bucket.  They wipe up the bowl, tray and pitcher with a washcloth and put everything back where they got it from.  I love to watch the kids work on the sponging.  It amazes me how fast they pick the process up! 

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