Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Work

I haven't posted the kids at work for a while and they have been busy!!

Here are some friends working on November calendars!
The kids love making insets. 

You can see the calendar in this picture too.  The kids color the top of the calendar and they trace the numbers.  On the holidays of the month they get to put a sticker that goes along with that holiday.

This little girl is making a triangle inset.
This little girl turned her circle inset into the earth.
Here is a child working on his colors.  He did the color matching and now he's writing the colors.
Look how good the kids are at handwashing!
The kid's scissor skills are getting really good!  This little girl is working on a horse cutting and pasting.
Matching:  the kids are even matching the words now!! 
We are learning to button our own aprons!

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