Monday, November 8, 2010

Our World

We are learning about our world/continents this week. 

The kids are learning about the 7 continents of the world.  Ask them to sing you our continent song. 

North America, South America,
Europe, Asia, Africa.
Where is Australia?  Here is Australia. 
Don't forget Antarctica, don't forget antarctica!

The kids picked up on this song right away!! 

We also talked about where we live in the world.  We talked about how we live on earth, the continent of North America, country of United States, state of Wisconsin and city of Racine (most of us).  On Wednesday, I'll post the pictures and words of our other song.

For our art project we made waterwash worlds.  We showed the kids a map and they were suppose to draw 6 continents green and 1 white (Antarctica) and then paint the whole thing blue.  They did a great job!!

They will finish their worlds on Wednesday by putting stickers of animals of the different continents. 

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