Friday, September 23, 2016

I am special week

We continue to give lessons on our new equipment.  Here is Mrs. Betko showing the children our knobbed cylinder.  

Some of our children working with the knobbed cylinders.

 This little boy has mastered our knobbed cylinders and is trying to find the holes without looking.

Our cutting and pasting area

We are working on building our finger and hand muscles. We do this by building towers with tongs. 

We also do this by beading. 
 Hard at work!
 Working on our numbers

 Each month we have our shape of the month at our language table.  We show them how to trace the circle and they can draw their own circles and glue circles inside their circle.  I love how this little girl put circles all around her circle.  

She worked so hard on this. She even tried to trace the word, circle and write her own name on the bottom of her paper. 
 The children get to choose their own work off the shelves.  

 Mrs. Porcaro showing the children our new button activity.  We do a lot of buttoning at school.  The children wear aprons for snack and art that they have to button.

 Here's a friend that buttoned them all together. 
 We are learning to be independent.

Here we are pouring our own water to drink.
Bead and tweezer work

Matching colors

One of the many things that I love about Sunshine Mountain is that we concentrate on the WHOLE CHILD! :)

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