Saturday, October 1, 2016


We were busy this week.  There wasn't much time for pictures.  We were busy learning good manners.

This week we got to use our shape beanbags.  We talked about what shape each of us had.  Ask your child which shape they had.  We worked on our listening skills while we danced to a couple beanbag songs.  We had to put them on our heads, on our shoulders, throw them in the air and catch them.  

We brought the playdough out.  Playdough is so important for the children to play with.  It strengthens their hand and finger muscles which helps with fine motor skills.  Ask your child what was the scent of the playdough.

As you can see in our pictures, we use aprons a lot.  At Sunshine Mountain, we are helping the children build independence, how to take care of themselves and once again, building their fine motor skills.  They are really getting the hang of it.  Please make sure you let them do as much as they can on their own.  Ways you can do this is by having them get their shoes and coat, trying to put them on and take them off by themselves, using the bathroom on their own and, helping set the table.  These are just a few of the ways.  

We worked on making circles on a circle.  We had them trace their name on the backs.  

After this little boy was done, he really wanted to work on writing his name.  

Work time!

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