Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel

I love winter books!! There are so many good ones! All of us helped read the story on Tuesday. This was a fun rhyming and rebus story about a child who gets dressed layer by layer to play outside and takes it off the same way. The kids really caught on after the first page, they were so excited to help "read" our story. This would be a fun story to get from the library, I'm sure your child would love to help "read" the story again. Here is a sample page.

Before we read the story we talked abut what we would wear to keep us warm while we play in the snow. Each child shared what they would wear outside. Ask your child what they wore. Here's the song we sang.

(sung to the tune of "Mary Wore Her Red Dress")
I would wear a (jacket), a (jacket), a (jacket).
I would wear a (jacket) to play in the snow.

After we read the story, we invited each child to select a card (either hat, scarf, or jacket). During work time, they got to glue their picture on a snowy scene and draw a picture of themself wearing the item. We got some great pictures so we made it into a class book! The kids really worked hard on this.

I can't wait to watch the kids read "Sunshine Mountain's Jacket I Wear in the Snow". I will post a picture of our book when I finish it.

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