Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Hat for Minera Louise by Janet Morgan Stoeke

We read the CUTEST book during our winter unit.  The kids love making class books so I had to think of one that we could do.  I didn't want to do the same one we did last year, "The jacket I wear in the snow"

Minerva Louise, a white hen, likes snowy mornings. She wants to stay outside all day, but it's too cold. So, she goes looking for something warm to wear. After trying several inappropriate items (a flowerpot, a garden hose, etc.), she finds two mittens that make a fitting hat for her head...and for her tail.
A Hat for Minerva Louise
The kids really liked this book.  Check it out sometime, you'll love it!  We put out a picture of Minera Louise and the kids got to color the picture and either draw and use one of the pictures of what kind of hat they would like.  Ask your child if they made a picture and what they put on their head. 
 Here are some of the kids coloring their picture.
Here is a little girl working on our color words.
We matched mittens by color and letter.  The kids got to hang the mittens out to dry by matching them. 
January calendar
Creating a winter scene
Kids working together-they are matching different clothes to types of weather
We have the snowflake punch out and the kids wanted to see if they could make 100 snowflakes so they filled one of our hundreds boards with snowflakes.  The kids worked so hard on this and were so proud that they all contributed.
We danced to a song called, "Late Last Night" by Joe Scruggs.  Here is where you can hear the song.
While the kids were sleeping they got to put on different kinds of shoes and act out what you would do in those shoes.  Ex.  ice skating, hot sand, ballet, swimming.
We learned about the letter B.  Each week the kids think of words that start with the letter of the week.  This week we even had to use the back!  (:

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